Song Hye Kyo Shows Why Koreans Call Her A “Moving Doll” At A Sulwhasoo Event Show

Photos of Song Hye Kyo at a brand launch has drawn attention for her outstanding visuals.

Famed Descendants of the Sun actress Song Hye Kyo was appointed as an ambassador for the Korean skincare brand Sulwhasoo.

The actress is already a known powerhouse in the brand endorsement arena, ranking number seven on the Forbes Korea Power Celebrity list in 2017, and was known as one half of the Song-Song couple, until their divorce last year.

Her appearance at Sulwhasoo’s “Ginseng Journey” launch in Hong Kong drew attention to her perfect proportions and fans are in awe of her beauty.

  • “Han Chaeyoung, Lee Dahae, Heang Jungeum, etc all chose Song Hyekyo as the best looking actress in real life. You will totally fall for her if you see her up close.”
  • Yah, how’s that a human? I want to switch face with her. She’s too pretty.”
  • “Wow look at her aura!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
  • “She’s your classic beauty!!”

Netizens are calling her a “living doll” thanks to her flawless skin and elegant features.

  • “If you see her in real life, she’s just a moving doll.”
  • “She’s like a doll in those photos.”
  • “Her side profile is just wow she’s so beautiful I’m in awe.”
  • “She’s so damn pretty she has this classic delicate beauty (despite her sharp face features) that make you want to keep looking at her.”
  • “She exudes class, elegance, and grace…”

And saying she is even pretty when she cries!

Fans are sharing their love for not only her visuals but her talents as an actress.

  • “The first time I got into K-dramas and saw Full House, I was blown away by her visuals. For me she is one of the prettiest celebrities I have ever seen. Damn gorgeous.”
  • “Her beauty is completely insane.”
  • “I always found her beautiful, but this set of pics just strengthen that fact even more. Now, I understand what Song Joong Ki said about his wife being beautiful. He completely lucked out with marrying her.”
  • “My favorite celebrity for 17 years… She’s so beautiful and talented.”

Song Hye Kyo seems to be the perfect model for Sulwhasoo!

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