Song Hye Kyo Spotted on the Streets of France with a Clean and Natural Face

Song Hye Kyo actually doesn’t need any makeup.

Photos of actress Song Hye Kyo were recently shared in online communities, and it was revealed that they were captured last month by a Chinese tourist who spotted her on the streets.

Following an event in Monaco, Song Hye Kyo crossed over to Cannes in order to enjoy a relaxing vacation.

In the shared photos, Song Hye Kyo can be seen in a casual striped dress and a knitted hat to go with it.

What especially stood out was the fact that Song Hye Kyo was wearing no makeup, which allowed her to show off her youthful beauty.

From the looks of the photos, Song Hye Kyo leisurely shopped around at a street market with a friend.

Fans who saw these photos responded with comments such as “She’s absolutely beautiful“, “She looks like how she did on ‘Full House’“, and “She’s so pretty“.


Source: Dispatch