Song Hye Kyo Swapped Her Style And Everyone Can’t Get Over Her Stunning Beauty

10+ photos to leave you speechless!

Back in 2018, Song Hye Kyo had chopped off her hair to a short bob for her role in tvN’s drama, Encounter.

Although her hair hadn’t grown out to the length it was before the drama, she showed up at an event in Singapore with long, wavy hair!

Song Hye Kyo attended an event for Sulwhasoo, as she’s their endorsement model.

Photos were released from the event, and she looks mesmerizing as ever!

With minimal makeup done in her signature natural style, she was the picture perfect model for the luxurious brand.

The new long hair definitely changed up her style compared to her character, Cha Soo Hyun from Encounter!

Thanks to her new style, she looked more feminine at the event than her fierce boss character!

Fans couldn’t agree that her new long locks accentuated her hair – not that a short bob did anything to her beauty!

I mean, look at her! I wonder what it feels like to look into a mirror and see that everyday!

Song Hye Kyo even graced a small press conference as she looked beautiful sitting down in her flowy, floral dress.

She drew in everyone’s attention just by sitting there!

Not to mention, she held the conference with grace as she laughed like a queen at a royal wedding!

No one can deny Song Hye Kyo is one of the most beautiful humans alive today!

Fans showered her with compliments, even going far as expressing their envy for Song Joong Ki at the time.

What a blessing to wake up as this beautiful goddess!

All hair the visual queen, Song Hye Kyo!