Song Ji Hyo Has A Fear of Radio Shows Because of Heechul

Super Junior’s Heechul gave her a hard time on his radio show!

On a recent broadcast of SBS Power FM‘s Cultwo Show, actress Song Ji Hyo revealed that she has developed a fear of radio shows because of Super Junior‘s Heechul!


Song Ji Hyo explained that her radio-phobia was actually a fear of being a good speaker.

“When you are on the radio, people only focus on your voice. The thought that you have to talk well scares me.” — Song Ji Hyo


She then revealed that her fear was developed because of an incident with Heechul!

“There was a time when I went on Heechul’s radio show and was scolded by him. He asked me a question, so I thought about it and didn’t talk for 3 seconds. He gave me a death glare. I could feel the cursing in his eyes.” — Song Ji Hyo


Finally, Song Ji Hyo admitted that her fear of radio is still with her to this day.

“I am really nervous because I heard if conversation gets cut off, it’s considered a broadcast accident.” — Song Ji Hyo


Looks like Song Ji Hyo learned a valuable lesson from Heechul!

Source: MSN