Song Ji Hyo And Kim Jong Kook Had To Do The Famous “Running Man” Nevis Swing Stunt Twice

It was all because of a mistake made by the staff.

Song Ji Hyo and Kim Jong Kook are known for being Running Man‘s strongest and most reliable regular cast members. While Ji Hyo is known for her bravery and luck, Jong Kook usually powers through competition with brute strength and an iron will. The two have also been shipped together often by their fans and castmates over the years.

Song Ji Hyo (left) and Kim Jong Kook (right) | @my_songjihyo/Instagram

One of the most famous occasions of their pairing was during a special episode wherein all the members had to complete dangerous missions worldwide. Ji Hyo, Jong Kook, and their cowardly castmates, Haha and Yang Se Chan, had to ride the famous Nevis Swing in New Zealand, which has an arc of over 300 meters straight over a cliff. Haha and Se Chan went first to show the viewers how insane the stunt was.

Haha and Yang Se Chan on the Nevis Swing | sNack!/YouTube

In the episode, Ji Hyo and Jong Kook followed them immediately after, but to make the ride even spicier, they decided to do it upside down!

Ji Hyo and Jong Kook on the Nevis Swing | sNack!/YouTube

The scene has millions of views on YouTube, and it reminded Running Man fans why Ji Hyo and Jong Kook were considered the aces on the show, but recently Ji Hyo revealed an even more insane fact: she and Jong Kook rode the Nevis Swing, not once but twice!

The Nevis Swing | Tourism New Zealand

Ji Suk Jin, another Running Man castmate, brought Ji Hyo on his YouTube channel Jeeseokjin World to give his subscribers a better idea of how the show worked behind the scenes. He asked her to explain why she and Jong Kook had to do the stunt again.

Song Ji Hyo (left) and Ji Suk Jin (right) | 지편한세상 [Jeeseokjin World]/YouTube 
Ji Hyo said that the first time they rode the swing, the camera wasn’t rolling! Hwanjin, one of the PDs or production directors of the show, was completely pissed, but Ji Hyo quickly calmed him down by saying they would do the stunt again for their sake.

Like a true ace, Ji Hyo rode the Nevis Swing with Jong Kook again without a problem. Their bravery and chemistry on screen are unmatched!

Watch the full video below. Ji Hyo talks about riding the Nevis Swing twice at the 13:20 mark.

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