Song Ji Hyo Prefers This 50 Year Old Singer Over Kim Jong Kook

Song Ji Hyo chose this 50-year-old singer over Kim Jong Kook for one simple reason!

Actress Song Ji Hyo was invited to the radio show 2PM Date, hosted by her Running Man teammate and comedian Ji Suk Jin.

Song Ji Hyo joined the show to promote her new movie, Wind Wind Wind.


Song Ji Hyo shared that she prefers singer Kim Gun Mo over Kim Jong Kook because Kim Gun Mo knows how to drink!


Song Ji Hyo recently appeared on My Little Old Boy and got to see how both Kim Gun Mo and Kim Jong Kook live. She explained she likes to have some drinks when sharing a meal or hanging out to talk. For Song Ji Hyo, Kim Gun Mo, who loves to drink, is better than Kim Jong Kook, who keeps a strict diet.

“It’s hard to drink with Kim Jong Kook, so it took me a long time to get to know him.” — Song Ji Hyo


Song Ji Hyo was adored by the mothers from My Little Old Boy and they all showed interest in her as a potential daughter-in-law. Kim Gun Mo’s mother also loved Song Ji Hyo’s beauty and personality.

“The mothers from the show came to see the movie. I met Kim Gun Mo’s mom at the premiere too. She whispered in my ears that Kim Gun Mo made her come.” — Song Ji Hyo


Of course, Song Ji Hyo’s fans know how the actress loves alcohol too. At the movie premiere, a fan presented Song Ji Hyo with two bottles of soju and Song Ji Hyo glowed with excitement!


It only makes sense Song Ji Hyo likes Kim Gun Mo!

Source: TV Report