Here’s How Song Ji Hyo Reacted When She Had To “Pick” Between Kim Jong Kook And Kang Gary

Song Ji Hyo had a simple answer.

Song Ji Hyo has been involved in several love lines while in Running Man, with her most famous one being her pairing with Kang Gary. The two had great chemistry together and were even dubbed “The Monday Couple”.

When Kang Gary left Running Man, some of the cast members on the show decided to “create” a new love line for Song Ji Hyo. The cast members of the show ended up pairing her with Kim Jong Kook. Despite Kim Jong Kook and Song Ji Hyo denying that they have feelings for each other, the other cast members of Running Man love teasing them about their love line.

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During one episode, the cast members decided to ask Song Ji Hyo if her heart ever fluttered due to Kim Jong Kook.

Haha then decided to take it a step further and asked if her heart fluttered more when Kang Gary was still on the show.

Song Ji Hyo decided to play along with Haha and said, “Who is Gary?“.

The cast members couldn’t help but show excitement over Song Ji Hyo’s answer.

Song Ji Hyo then explained that since Kang Gary left the show, she shouldn’t have any feelings left for him.

This caused the cast members to get even more excited, as they asked Song Ji Hyo and Kim Jong Kook to hold hands.

Here’s the full video below!

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