Song Ji Hyo Reveals When She Was Angriest With Ji Suk Jin On “Running Man”

They fight all the time playfully, but this time she was seriously mad!

Song Ji Hyo is known for being a well-rounded actress, having appeared in the 2020 mystery thriller movie Intruder as well as the 2020 romantic comedy series Was It Love?

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Many of her fans also know her as a regular cast member of the variety series Running Man, where she’s known for her endless boyish charms and bravery.

Song Ji Hyo | @my_songjihyo/Instagram

Recently, Ji Hyo was interviewed by her fellow castmate Ji Suk Jin on his Youtube channel Jeeseokjin World as part of his new web series Need A Ride. She is the second Running Man cast member to be featured after Jeon So Min, who talked about her onscreen persona and genuine relationship with Yang Se Chan on the show.

Song Ji Hyo (left) and Ji Suk Jin (right) | 지편한세상 [Jeeseokjin World]/YouTube 
Ji Hyo also gave some insight into what goes on behind the scenes of Running Man and how the cast members were friends even when the cameras weren’t rolling. Sometimes, she would send messages to Suk Jin after filming to apologize for hitting him, but he would calmly tell her it was part of the show so she could smack him even harder if it were for a laugh. These were authentic moments when the cast bickered with each other, and it is what made the show entertaining for over a decade.

Like, true friends, there were moments when Ji Hyo was actually furious because of Suk Jin!

She shared that the angriest she had ever been with him was in episode 560, during a game wherein they were partnered and weren’t allowed to speak in English. Suk Jin stubbornly kept talking, leading them to lose the game completely!

The cast members of Running Man have forged a sibling-like bond, which shows when they both care for and annoy one another.

Watch the full video below. Ji Hyo and Suk Jin talk about their relationship at the 7:09 mark.

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