Influencer Song Ji A’s 5-Minute Clean Makeup Routine That’ll Become Your New Daily Look

The last product was magical!

After an eventful few months, YouTuber Song Ji A recently returned to the social media platform. Fans were delighted to see her again, and she didn’t disappoint with her choice of content!

Song Ji A | @free지아/YouTube

The Single’s Inferno star uploaded a GRWM (get ready with me) video where she talked to viewers as she did her makeup.

First, she started off with skincare. She used a lip plumper balm from Hera, a toner from Mamonde, an essence from Rovectin, a cream from Heibrilliant, and sunscreen from Dr.G.

Afterwards, she moved on to her daily makeup routine. She finds that foundation feels too heavy on her face, while cushions don’t last long. Instead, she decided to use BB cream for her everyday makeup. The one she uses is called the Histolab Post Laser Sun Blemish Balm, and she discovered it from her dermatologist.

Clearly, it has little to no coverage, but because her skin is so flawless, it hardly matters! “I like my skin to look clean,” she explained.

Next, the popular influencer set her face with an ANNA SUI Brightening Powder and moved on to her brows, which she filled with the TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL brow pencil and set with the Etude House brow fixer.

Moving on to her eyes, she brought out the Dasique Under Eye Maker eyeshadow palette and first applied the cream shade all over her lid then placed the lighter brown shade above it.

Grabbing an eyeliner brush, she took the darkest shade and used it to further define her inner corner and draw a small wing.

Song Ji A then heated her eyelash curler, curled her lashes, and applied mascara using the Clio Kill Lash Superproof Mascara. She also drew aegyosal with the Beauty Artist Touch Shadow Duo.

For her lips, she overlined them, applied lipstick, and used her favorite gloss, the Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb.

Last but not the least, she made her face and eye lids look more dewy thanks to the Hince True Dimension Radiance Balm. It made a subtle yet beautiful difference.

The result was a clean makeup look that’s incredibly natural and perfect for every day wear! Song Ji A was absolutely stunning.

Follow the full routine in the video below.

Source: YouTube