Song Joong Ki Reveals The Story Behind The Prison Scene In “Vincenzo”

It was definitely memorable!

After the success of the tvN K-Drama Vincenzo, it seems like the show has gained an enormous number of superfans worldwide with an in-depth knowledge of the show! 

In a recent video with The Swoon, lead actor Song Joong Ki, who plays Vincenzo, tested his own knowledge of the show by taking part in a Vincenzo Superfan Quiz.

As well as seeing Song Joong Ki’s knowledge of the show, fans also got some behind-the-scenes stories from the filming of the series.

In particular, he spoke about the prison scene where Kim Sung Cheol, who played President Hwang Min Seong in a few of the episodes, looked at Vincenzo’s picture in prison.

According to Song Joong Ki, the scene wasn’t originally in the script but was loved by many fans.

It wasn’t in the script, but we thought it’d be funny if Min Seong thought of Tae Ho (Vincenzo) while in prison.

— Song Joong Ki

He also added that the director felt bad asking him to come back for that scene as he had finished his filming. However, because the two are friends, he asked Kim Sung Cheol for a favor.

It was such a fun scene for fans to watch, and they will definitely be glad that it made the final cut for the show!

You can see whether Song Joong Ki is a Vincenzo superfan in the video below.

Source: The Swoon