Song Joongki’s Youthful Post-‘Arthdal Chronicles’ Visuals Will Have You Drooling

“He looks younger and more at peace.”

In an interview with Netflix for his latest drama “Arthdal Chronicles,” actor Song Joongki shocked viewers with his youthful and fresh visuals. He looked classy in a long sleeved button down polo with his bangs parted in the side.

Fans were charmed by how his boyish vibes are never changing, and it could be due in part to his captivating smile.

His smile is freaking pretty ^^

– Korean Netizen

Even though he just turned 34 years old last September 19, he does not appear to age.

Looks like he got younger. He was freaking handsome in Arthdal tooㅎ

– Korean Netizen

Some believe it could be due to his recent divorce with actress Song Hye Kyo.

I feel like his face is blooming, maybe because he’s more at peace now~ Song Joongki is handsome

– Korean Netizen

Meanwhile, you can watch the first season of “Arthdal Chronicles” in Netflix.

Source: Nate