Song Kang Proves to Look Even Cuter When He’s Swollen and Bloated from Just Waking Up

Song Kang’s face in the morning is too cute for words.

In light of Song Kang‘s current popularity with his Netflix drama, Love Alarm, various online communities have been digging up past photos and videos of the star.

One of the past TV appearances that is drawing particular attention is the time Song Kang appeared on SBS’s Village Survival, the Eight back in 2018.

On the show, Song Kang naturally swayed viewers with his dashing good looks, but the particular focus was put on how he looked as soon as he woke up in the morning.

Due to the nature of the show, he had to complete a quiz right after waking up, but he somehow managed to look even cuter than usual.

Despite his bloated face from just waking up, he was still seen looking handsome as usual, proving that he is indeed a natural “beauty”.

Check out Song Kang’s morning visuals in the clip below:

Source: Insight