Song Kang And Han So Hee Reacted To Their R-Rated Scene In “Nevertheless,” And Their Reactions Couldn’t Have Been More Different

The scene definitely caught the attention of fans!

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Since the series started to be shown, JTBC‘s K-Drama Nevertheless has gained attention for the show’s r-rated scenes, despite the low viewer ratings. After the first two episodes aired, the show’s lead actors Song Kang and Han So Hee sat down and reacted to some of the scenes.

In particular, the duo looked at some of the parts that had fans talking, including one of the iconic kiss scenes. The first one they watched was when Han So Hee’s character is daydreaming about Song Kang’s character, and the two share an intimate kiss.

| The Swoon/ YouTube

Even before the scene started, both actors seemed almost nervous to see what the finished scene would look like, and it almost felt as if they were witnessing it for the first time.

Although the video didn’t show them reacting to the entire scene, their reactions during the kissing clip were priceless.

Yet, the duo clicked replay almost as if they wanted to double-check what they had just seen. Song Kang had a look of shock on his face and even had to ask, “Can it… will it air?” Whereas he looked lost for words, Han So Hee had a grin on her face and decided to go back and watch the scene again.

When asked what they thought about the scene, Song Kang vocalized his shock at what he’d just watched, including the love scene, adding, “It was more provocative than I thought.

On the other hand, Han So Hee’s opinion mimicked her reactions during the scene, explaining, “I thought it was beautiful,” which seemed to surprise her co-star.

Despite the ratings, there is no denying that Nevertheless has caught the attention of fans and will continue to shock viewers with their steamy storylines. You can watch the whole video below.

Source: FI and FI