Song Kang Points out BTS’s Jin as the Handsome Face That Can Never Be Beaten

Both Song Kang and BTS’s Jin attended Konkuk University for Film Studies.

Song Kang recently spoke to Hanguk Kyungjae regarding his starring role in the Netflix drama, Love Alarm.

When he was praised for having the most handsome face, Song Kang responded modestly with, “You’re being too kind. There are many people who are better looking than me.

Regarding his reputation for having an “idol face”, Song Kang explained, “Many people told me to become an idol instead. But I dreamt of becoming an actor as I watched Leonardo DiCaprio, so I thought of acting as my route.

The reporter then brought up BTS‘s Jin, who also attended Konkuk University for Film Studies making him Song Kang’s school “sunbae”.

When the reporter asked, “Didn’t BTS’s Jin also dream of becoming an actor before becoming an idol?” Song Kang replied, “I met Jin in the school halls once. Someone was walking over and he looked so handsome that I asked my friend about him, and he turned out to be Jin. I thought, ‘So that’s how handsome you have to be to debut as a celebrity.’

However, Song Kang expressed his wishes to become a great actor, and he’s currently starring in Love Alarm which is airing on Netflix.

Source: Insight