Song Kang Did The Sweetest Thing With His First Paycheck, And It Has Us Extremely Soft

He’s so wholesome!

Actor Song Kang is no stranger to melting our hearts in K-Dramas like Love Alarm and Nevertheless, and he’s just as swoonworthy in real life!

| @songkang_b/Instagram

In a TMI interview with GQ Korea, Song Kang revealed how he spent his first paycheck ever, and his answer proves just how wholesome he is.

| @songkang_b/Instagram

The interviewer asked Song Kang what the most memorable Parents’ Day gift he’d given his parents was.

“What is the most memorable Parents’ Day gift that Song Kang prepared?” | GQ KOREA/YouTube

Song Kang revealed that he used to work a part-time job as a student, and he bought gifts for his parents with his very first paycheck.

“When I was a student, I worked part-time and gave my parents a present as my first paycheck.” | GQ KOREA/YouTube

He said he bought his father an undercoat and bought his mother a skincare mask pack.

“I bought my father an undercoat. I think I bought her a mask pack. I remember spending a fortune on it.” | GQ KOREA/YouTube

Although Song Kang could’ve kept all of his paycheck for himself, he decided to do something nice for his parents instead and give them gifts, which proves just how thoughtful and sweet he really is!

| @songkang_b/Instagram

Check out Song Kang’s full TMI interview below.


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