Song Kang Shows Off His Unbelievable Duality In Footage From Marie Claire Photoshoot

Handsome, cute, sexy, and playful—he can truly do it all!

Song Kang proved he’s just as versatile a model as he is an actor with his photoshoot for Marie Claire Korea!

Song Kang | @songkang_b/Instagram

Song Kang is featured on the cover of Marie Claire Korea‘s September 2021 issue, and he explored both his cute and sexy sides during the photoshoot.

He served intimidating Vincenzo-like looks in a tailored suit.

| Marie Claire Korea/YouTube 

Then, he showed off his gorgeous Cartier jewelry while staring intensely at the camera.

Of course, king of duality that he is, Song Kang showed off his playful side, too!

Just look at the different vibes he exuded in these side-by-side clips!

On one side, he gave us moody CEO looks, and on the other, he gave us sensitive soft boy looks.

His versatility is blowing our minds!

Check out the full video below to see Song Kang’s mind-blowing duality for yourself.