Song Mino Accidentally Spoils iKON’s New Song, iKON Fans and WINNER Fans Argue

Mino’s accident caused a huge disturbance in the fandom.

WINNER’s Mino angered a number of fans after accidentally leaking the title of iKON’s new song in an online broadcast.


A recent broadcast was only meant to promote his latest collaboration with the fellow YG Entertainment group, however, it backfired immediately.


Mino revealed the title of the track to be “Rubber Band”, not realizing that an official announcement has not been announced yet. He did, however, apologize after realizing his mistake.


Although no other details were leaked, it was enough to anger some of iKON’s fans…


And their comments, in turn, angered WINNER’s fans…


Others took on a more neutral stance, though, and left comments such as “I don’t think it’s a wrong thing to do but it wasn’t a good idea either” and more.


YG Entertainment later released more details about the new track on which Mino helped with lyrics and composition.

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