Before Song Mino Got Famous, His Face Got Blurred out by Producers of a Reality TV Program

Block B’s P.O was talking on an old variety show when Song Mino got blurred out.

On a recent episode of MBC’s Point of Omniscient Interfere, WINNER‘s Song Mino was revealed to be blurred out on a variety show before he got famous.



During a car ride, a friend of Block B‘s P.O confessed that he was once on MBC’s Infinite Girls when he was a student.


And in the shown footage, P.O could be seen looking young and innocent with big curly hair.

But what caught the attention of viewers was the crowd of other fellow students in the back.

And among them was Song Mino.

Song Mino and P.O were classmates at the time, and since Song Mino wasn’t famous yet, the producers blurred his face out with the rest of the students in the back.

Fans who finally realized this after many years are all laughing at this surprising revelation.

Well, he’s not getting blurred out anymore, that’s for sure!

Source: Dispatch