Song Mino Wrote This Song To Remember His Friend, LADIES’ CODE Eunbi

Mino pours his heart out in this track about the loss of his friend.

“HAVE A GOOD DAY” is a new track off of WINNER’s new album that was written and produced by Song Mino, and it turns out that he wrote the song for his childhood friend, EunB from LADIES’ CODE.

EunB and Song Mino was close friends after attending the same high school together.


EunB passed away in 2014 after a fatal car crash that also took the life of her fellow member RiSe.


Song Mino released the track in Japan first, and while many fans heard the song in Japanese before, this is the first time it has been officially released in Korea with Korean lyrics. At a concert in Japan, Song Mino stated he wrote the song for a friend whom he had lost.


While Song Mino does not mention EunB specifically, fans believe the song’s lyrics allude to her.


Fans interpret the “two kisses” to refer to the track “Kiss Kiss” that LADIES’ CODE was promoting at the time of the accident, and “the pitch black of a rainy night” to mean the night of the accident when it was, indeed, raining.

Other lyrics like “Though you’re far away, don’t be lonely. I’ll be with you” and “If I knew that would be the last, I would have said goodbye” are breaking hearts of both WINNER and LADIES’ CODE fans.


This isn’t the first time Song Mino expressed his sorrow after losing his dear friend. He once arranged his playlist to send a hidden message: “I’m Fine Thank You, I love you and remember you, EunB.

The first song is “I’m Fine Thank You” by LADIES’ CODE, followed by an arrange of the titles making a hidden code for EunB.


Listen to “HAVE A GOOD DAY” here:

Source: Insight and Instiz