This Song Was Rejected By Idols For 9 Years Before Finding A Home With This Group

Fans have found an interesting tidbit and story behind an idol girl group’s track, revealing that it had been rejected by many other artists in the past before it finally saw a public release.

That track was Lovelyz pre-debut digital single “Goodnight, Like Yesterday.”

Prior to their original debut date, girl group Lovelyz of Woollim Entertainment released the song as a pre-release track on November 9, 2014, a music video featuring INFINITE‘s Sungkyu accompanying its release. A week later on the 17th, the group officially made their debut with their album Girls’ Invasion which also contained “Goodnight, Like Yesterday.”

According to findings, the track was originally completed in 2007. It was offered to many other idol artists but was rejected for seven years before it found its way to girl group Lovelyz, who not only accepted it but released it as a pre-release to their debut.

Among Lovelinus (Lovelyz fans), it is considered a classic track. “Goodnight, Like Yesterday” is a song that resonates well among music lovers in their teens through their 40s as it sings of a parting between two people. It is further said that upon hearing the track, agency officials had shed tears and thus why it was accepted to be a part of Lovelyz album.

Take a listen to the track below:




“Good Night Like Yesterday” was actually completed 7 years ago. I sent this song to many idol singers but it was all refused. This is understandable because the guide vocal was a guy with a deep husky voice. The only person who showed interest was ‘Yoon Sang’ sunbaenim who suggested that the song would fit a girl group and that I should change and rework it for female voices. That’s how I met LOVELYZ and then it all came together into Onepiec which led to many collaborations since.”

Source: Instiz