Actor Song Kang Receives Mixed Responses About His Acting Skills

He was even given advice by a co-star.

Actor Song Kang currently stars in webtoon adaptation, Nevertheless, alongside Han So Hee. Although fans are extremely excited about the stellar visual combination, it seems that his acting has left many in doubt of the upcoming episodes.

It was pointed out that fellow co-star of his last drama, Navillera, veteran actor Park In Hwan, had even advised him to attend vocalization classes given that Song Kang’s voice was too faint.

Magazine Star1 pointed out that his previous role in Sweet Home did not require that much acting skills in terms of emotional acting, as his character was supposed to be one that was reclused. Love Alarm, on the other hand, suited him as the role was a popular and handsome student. Netizens have pointed out that his acting leaves much to be desired, while others felt that he still had room for improvement given that these are only his rookie days.

  • “His acting is webdrama level at best.”
  • “His voice isn’t meant for acting.”
  • “He had always received doubts about his acting just that he is getting more famous now.”
  • “I didn’t think he was that bad in Navillera and Sweet Home but they weren’t characters that had lots of emotional scenes in the first place… We’ll have to see about Nevertheless.”

However, as Nevertheless has only aired its first episode, it is still too early to tell if Song Kang will pull off the role or not. Catch the drama on Netflix or jtbc every Saturday at 11pm KST.

Source: pann and star1