Soobin Revealed The Heartwarming Reason He Bought Plants For TXT

The lovely plants hold a deeper meaning that’ll touch your heart.

Just about every single member of TXT has a pet to call their own. While Taehyun has his snake Aengdu and Hueningkai his collection of plushies, Soobin added another to the group’s family: plants.

Through Twitter, he introduced two of their green friends: one named Yaja and the other Herb.

| @TXT_members/Twitter

He also introduced a new plant to join the growing greenery. Though taking care of plants fit Soobin’s personality, he’d initially bought them for his members instead. He revealed the touching reason during a live broadcast.

| @TXT_members/Twitter

The topic of conversation reminded Soobin of his own corn plant, pictured above. The myth surrounding its growth and the good fortune it later generated inspired him to purchase one to take care of. While the mythical drew him to the corn plant, the original two plants were bought for another reason that was even more touching.

It can take seven to ten years for the plant to bloom flowers. So it’s not a plant that blooms fast or frequently, but once it does, there’s a myth about the plant’s flower and how it brings you luck. I think it’s got a beautiful story.

— Soobin

After explaining the different species of the plants, Soobin revealed why that had been so important. He’d taken notice of how fascinated Taehyun and Hueningkai were by those particular ones, “Also, you know I have two plants, a palm tree and a kind of herb. I was aware that our group’s youngest two were always interested in those plants…

Knowing they would gain happiness from having the plants in their dorm, especially Hueningkai, Soobin couldn’t resist buying them for his members. He knew them too well, “…and I thought it’d also be nice for Huening to have a plant to look at and relax. So I gave it to him, and it made him so happy.

Since they have an assortment of lovely plants to take care of, Soobin and Hueningkai are doing their best to make them grow and gain the good fortune that comes from it. “And I bought a corn plant for myself too, while shopping for Huening. So we have two of them in our dorm right now. Huening and I are determined to help them bloom pretty flowers.

While plants may not seem like an incredibly touching gift, Soobin chose them for how they’d benefit his members and give them a bit of happiness to look forward to. If that isn’t heartwarming, nothing is. See him break down why the plants were so unique, from 10:17.