TXT’s Soobin Recalls First Time He Ever Lost His Temper With The Members

He had to throw hands to make the members listen to him.

Although TXT‘s Soobin is exceptionally tall, to the point where it can intimidate others, he’s a gentle giant. He does whatever it takes to make those he cares about feel comfortable and loved, especially his members.

Even so, there are rare moments where he can become a little hot-headed. Soobin shared the first time his members had caused him to lose his temper during their trainee days.

Using a massive map of South Korea to plan a three-day trip for themselves, they couldn’t miss out on going to a water park. That’s when they remembered they had been to one when they were trainees.

Yeonjun remembered how they’d had fun messing with their leader and what was shouted, “Soobin [said], ‘Don’t put me in the water!'” Hueningkai couldn’t forget either, “‘You guys are so mean! Everyone is so mean!'”

While everyone else had fun at the water park, it hadn’t been as enjoyable for Soobin. Looking straight at the camera, he confessed, “That was my first time being mad at the members.”

There was a reason why it had made him so upset, “You know, I can’t swim? But, they kept pushing me down.” If anyone who doesn’t know how to swim is dunked underwater, it’s easy for them to lose their bearings and panic.

Taehyun gave his reasoning for their playtime with him, “We knew you could touch the bottom of the pool.” Soobin didn’t accept that, “But, still, I was so scared.” With a smile, he’d sweetly warned them to put a stop to it, “Don’t do that.”

When they didn’t listen to him, that’s when Soobin’s temper made an appearance.

Since they weren’t listening to him, Soobin had to throw hands to protect himself from taking another scary dunk into the water. Demonstrating how he elbowed them off, he shouted, “After five times of drinking water… Come on, get your hands off me! Seriously! Get off!”

If you’ve ever been dunked into water against your will and don’t know how to swim, you’ve felt how terrifying that feeling is. Despite being tall enough where a bit of his head peeked above the water, the fact that his eyes and mouth were covered made it way more terrifying.

No wonder Soobin lost his temper after experiencing it not once or twice but five times.

Listen to Soobin recall the understandable time he lost his temper with his group here.