Why (G)I-DLE’s Soojin Gets “Sexy” Makeup Despite Her “Cute” Visuals—According To A Korean Image Consultant

Soojin’s duality is no joke.

Underneath her “sexy” makeup, Soojin has a surprisingly sweet and innocent face. So, why does (G)I-DLE’s makeup artist always give her such bold looks? Korean image consultant Choi Ji Won of Personal Image Makers TV on YouTube explained all.

Despite her “sexy and charismatic” allure, Soojin has what image consultant Choi Ji Won describes as a “spring-type” appearance. Spring-type faces are known for being round and cute, just like Soojin’s natural visuals. In particular, Choi Ji Won noted that Soojin’s “distinct double eyelids” and “voluminous lips” give her a “fabulous feeling“.

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According to the image consultant, fellow member Yuqi has the same “spring” face type. However, they come across very differently because of their typical makeup styles. While Yuqi is often given typical “spring-type” makeup, (G)I-DLE’s makeup artist gives Soojin opposing “winter-type” makeup.

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But just why does the makeup artist go against Soojin’s natural style? Simply put, because she looks stunning in “winter” makeup—and here’s why.

First of all, Choi Ji Won explained why Soojin usually has dark eye makeup. Those like Soojin who have a “distinct outline” to their eyes typically wear less eyeliner to enhance their natural eye shape. However, Soojin has a particularly unique eye structure.

She has high eyebrows, and her thick, full eyelids open “blearily” rather than widely. As such, strong, dark, cat-eye makeup is the best choice for accentuating her eye shape and bringing out her beauty.

On top of that, Soojin’s lips play a part in her makeup looks. The average ratio of the upper lip and lower lip is 1 to 1.618. However, Soojin’s upper lip is much more “voluminous” than many other idols. Using a strong lipstick color (like the typical red she wears) draws attention to her unique lips and ensures the “balance” in her face stands out as much as it should.

And, of course, Soojin’s facial expressions play into the makeup artists’ decision. While she dances, Soojin shows off alluring expressions that contrast her “spring-type” visuals. Strong, charismatic makeup ensures those facial expressions stand out on stage, making Soojin one of the most captivating performers of her generation.

Source: Personal Image Makers TV (YouTube)