Sooyoung Roasted The Girl’s Generation Members & Her Savage Jibes Had Everyone Wheezing With Laughter

And Hyoyeon’s comebacks were just as hilarious!

On one episode of JTBC’s Knowing Bros, Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung got an opportunity every savage idol dreams of—the chance to roast her members. When asked to name what she “hates” most about each of her groupmates, she didn’t hold back at all—and her answers had everyone howling with laughter!

First, Sooyoung went in on Sunny by making fun of how she spoke.

Back then, she used to do this.

— Sooyoung

Next up she roasted Tiffany for always picking the cutest and most outstanding outfits and accessories.

She thinks she’s cute. Always going for pink color and ribbons… Like today, she took the largest ribbon and came.

— Sooyoung

It’s like anything that is cute and outstanding belongs to her. Times like this, she’s quite… We were supposed to match our outfits and come today. But, only she brought her own ribbon from home!

— Sooyoung

Before Sooyoung could even say what she hates about Hyoyeon, the witty main dancer and rapper said something that sent everyone into a fit of laughter.

I hate the fact that you’re even alive right now.

­— Hyoyeon

Sooyoung was definitely a little flustered!

But that didn’t stop her roasting spree. According to her, Hyoyeon’s contouring obsession was out of control.

As for Hyoyeon, she’s kind of addicted to nose contouring. Before every recording, she will always be doing this.

— Sooyoung

When it came to sweet YoonA, Sooyoung struggled to actually think of a way to drag her at first.

But then she remembered how YoonA always bragged about gaining weight while Sooyoung herself felt self-conscious about her slim figure.

Ah! There is one! I really hate it when YoonA brags about gaining weight! YoonA and I are the skinniest in the group. I get sensitive when people ask if I lost weight.

— Sooyoung

Recently, she gained some weight. She was like “Unnie, I gained weight! I gained weight!”. Times like this, I hate to look at her. We should be skinny together.

— Sooyoung

Hyoyeon kept matching Sooyoung’s wit, pointing out how both she and YoonA were actually the lucky ones.

When they talk about such things (who’s skinnier), I really hate to look at them! I’m slowly gaining weight!

— Hyoyeon

Next up was Yuri, whose stretching routines were starting to get in everyone’s way.

For Yuri, she would do her leg stretching wherever she goes. The thing is, she does it in the car while sitting, at our salon, when there’s no one there at dawn, she’ll just sit there spreading her legs.

— Sooyoung

And last but not least, Sooyoung got a rare opportunity to roast her leader without backlash. So, what did she hate about Taeyeon? “I just hate her for being so fair!”

As for Taeyeon, I just hate to look at her because [her skin is] so fair. When Taeyeon and I take photos together and when we apply filters onto them, she gets fairer and I just remain tan as usual.

— Sooyoung

See the hilarious clip for yourself here!

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