Sooyoung Savagely Reveals What Each Of Her Members Do To Annoy Her

She had a problem with all her members.

On an episode of Knowing Brothers, Girls’ Generation Sooyoung completely roasted her members. Starting with Sunny, Sooyoung hilariously goes down the line and reveals what bothers her from each member.

With Sunny, Sooyoung shares that Sunny’s constant display of aegyo always got on her nerves.

Moving on to Tiffany, Sooyoung reveals that Tiffany always claims anything cute and pink. She even points out how Tiffany brought her own ribbon to wear when the girls are supposed to match.

Next up is Hyoyeon. Hyoyeon is perhaps the one member who can go up against Sooyoung as she interrupts her right before Sooyoung is about to diss her. Hyoyeon jokingly states “I hate the fact that your eyes are open right now.”

Bursting into laughter, Sooyoung continues and says she gets annoyed at the expression Hyoyeon makes while doing her obsessive nose contour.

Onto Yoona, Sooyoung first struggles to think of anything. She soon realizes their common issue of not being able to gain weight easily.

She claims she hates it when Yoona brags that she gained weight when she hasn’t gained any. Annoyed at this conversation, Hyoyeon announces “when they talk about these things (who’s skinner) I really hate to look a them. I’m slowing gaining weight!” 

Continuing to destroy any member in her sight, Sooyoung gets to Yuri and claims Yuri stretches and does yoga no matter where they are. Whether they are at the salon or in the car, she’s always stretching.

Taeyeon is the last of Sooyoung’s victims. As soon as she looks at Taeyeon she says “as for Taeyeon, I just hate to look at her because she’s so fair.”

The video then shows a side by side comparison of the two as she exclaims that she’s jealous that Taeyeon gets fairer with a filter while she stays tan.

Check out the full video below:

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