Sooyoung Was In Tears And Came On Stage During Tiffany’s Solo Concert

The duo even performed together.

Tiffany of Girl’s Generation finished the last leg of her “Lips on Lips” tour in Los Angeles and a very special guest was in the crowd to support her.

Tiffany’s fellow Girl’s Generation member, Sooyoung, came to the concert to support her friend. Sooyoung was so happy to see Tiffany flourishing in her solo career that she became emotional while watching her perform.

She held one of the banners created for Tiffany to show her support. There was a small malfunction, however.

At the end of the concert, Tiffany called her friend up to the stage with her. Sooyoung brought her a present with a witty card attached.

Finally, the duo lit the hearts of the crowd on fire when they performed Girl’s Generation’s debut song “Into the New World” together beautifully. You can watch that performance here:

Girl’s Generation continues to prove that their bond is forever as each of the girls progresses with their solo careers.

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