A SOPA Grad Had A K-Drama Moment With BTS’s Jungkook

Their encounter was short, sweet, and unforgettable.

BTS has millions of fans, and some of those fans are also former classmates.

Jungkook entered the School of Performing Arts Seoul (SOPA) in 2014 and graduated three years later, in 2017.

Although SOPA is a popular choice for trainees and idols, not everyone who enrolls is famous. Recently, a Twitter user (@SingulV_1230) shared a sweet story about her friend’s older sister, who graduated from the school.

This student was a grade below Jungkook, but she knew who he was. According to her, everyone knew the Golden Maknae because he was so popular.

One day, this student happened to cross paths with Jungkook. She politely greeted him as her sunbae-nim (senior) and couldn’t help noticing how handsome he was. Jungkook could have simply said hi and moved on, but he took a moment to read her name tag.

Instead of saying “hello, you random person”, he said “hello” and addressed her by name. This short, but memorable meet-cute was straight out of a K-Drama, and it made her feel like a webcomic heroine.

The night, she had a difficult time sleeping because her heart kept racing. (Understandable!) Thanks to her encounter with Jungkook, that SOPA student became an ARMY, and she is still stanning BTS today.