SoRi Uploads An Emotional Video Saying That Her Powerful New Release “I Am Not Alone” May Be Her Last

SoRi stands together with her fans for what may be her final comeback.

SoRi, half of the now-disbanded duo CoCoSoRi, has released the music video for her 3rd solo single “I Am Not Alone” along with a video message thanking all of the fans who supported this comeback through Patreon and Kickstarter.

SoRi claims to lack talent and mentioned the video being low budget, but the video is powerful, showcasing her dancing and artistry in a way that no CoCoSori nor SoRi solo single has been able to to date.

SoRi fans in the comments section of the YouTube video poured out their love and support for SoRi.

  • “Sori please don’t give up, you can really save this industry. This is a masterpiece.”
  • “It touched me so hard, this song is so beautiful and this MV is an art. Thank you!”
  • “You’ve put so much work into this comeback! We are not alone (: i love you!”

While “I Am Not Alone” marks the end of a chapter for SoRi, it’s the beginning of a whole new story for her artistically. Her fans, the Sweetnotes, hope that this isn’t the end for SoRi and that they will hear her music again in the future. Watch “I Am Not Alone” below: