The Sound You Hear At The Start Of K-Pop Songs… And No, It’s Not “JYP”

Have you noticed this before?

If you’ve ever paid close attention to some of your favorite K-Pop songs, you might have noticed the same mysterious phrase, “Moonshine,” being called out at the start of each song… but what does it mean?

“Dance The Night Away” by TWICE | TWICE/YouTube 

From TWICE to TXT, many K-Pop artists have worked with the Swedish songwriting and production duo known as Moonshine, consisting of Ludvig Evers and Jonatan Gusmark.

Ludvig Evers (left) and Jonatan Gusmark (right) of Moonshine | Balloon Day Creative

Like many producers, Moonshine leaves their signature stamp at the beginning of songs they’ve participated in writing, producing, and more. However, there’s a reason you might not have noticed this until you listen really closely.

“Blue Orangeade” by TXT | HYBE Labels/YouTube 

The word “Moonshine” is integrated almost seamlessly into each song’s intro to the point where it sounds like part of the music.

“Naughty” by Irene & Seulgi | Red Velvet/YouTube 

From NCT 127’s “Gimme Gimme” to Irene and Seulgi’s “Naughty,” the subtle phrase is implemented flawlessly into the song’s introduction.

“Gimme Gimme” by NCT 127 | SM Town/YouTube  

Check out the various songs below from TWICE, SuperM, WayV, Red Velvet, The Boyz, and more where you can hear the callout for yourself!