Sources Have Confirmed That A Zion. T Comeback Is Almost Here

Insider sources have recently confirmed that Zion. T will be making a comeback this February.

While it is still unclear whether he will be coming back with a single or an album, sources say Zion. T has begun filming the music video for his comeback title song.

Zion. T showing off his unique style.

The music video is said to be directed by Han Sa Min, the same director who was responsible for BIGBANG‘s “IF YOU” and “Last Dance” music videos.

Fans are eagerly awaiting his comeback, as his nickname is “Chart Gangster” due to his incredible ability to make chart-topping hits one after another, like “Yanghwa BRDG”, “$insa”, “Machine Gun”, and “Eat”.

Many are particularly excited to see what kind of music Zion. T will be coming back with after joining YG Entertainment‘s sub-label, The Black Label.

Are you looking forward to his comeback?

Source: OSEN