High School Yearbook Photos In South Korea Are Like Nothing You’ve Ever Seen Before

Why don’t other schools do this?

For many people, school photos mean getting a haircut and picking out an outfit that will set you apart but not too much. For students at Uijeongbu High School in Gyeonggi Province, however, it means they get to flex their creative fingers.


Every year, netizens are always excited to see what the graduating seniors from this school are going to dress up as. The school has an anything goes tradition where students get dressed up in the craziest costumes possible.


There are some classics that make their appearances on a regular basis like Winnie the Pooh…


While other students opt for more political costumes like this recreation of Samsung Vice Chairman Lee Jae Yong’s famous lip balm application that became a trending topic after his collusion hearing.


And these two student’s took on the historic North Korea and South Korea summit by dressing up as President Moon Jae In and North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un.


But all these unique costumes aren’t just a tradition that students look forward to every year, the whole of South Korea does too!


The Gyeonggi Provincial Office of Education films the prep and photoshoot every year during livestream so people can know what to expect when the yearbook is finally released later in the year!


And this year will surely please everyone because the photos are some of the wackiest and coolest ones yet!