Everyone Is Freaking Out Over This Taekwondo Club’s Viral Martial Arts Video

Prepare to be left speechless.

Every K-Pop fan knows how amazing Taekwondo is thanks to some spectacular performances by the K-Tigers and while the group has had plenty of their videos go viral, a different Taekwondo team has just left millions of people speechless.


The Kukkiwon Demonstration Team has been conducting demonstration tours around the world for years in order to spread the sport as well as Korean culture worldwide. While they’ve certainly given performances that leave the crowd in awe…


Their latest performance for the opening ceremony at the World Taekwondo Hanmadang last July left a huge impression.


The group showcased a number of jaw-dropping stunts such as attacks, self-defense, gymnastics, and poomsae.


With each part of their performance more amazing than the last!


Even though there were over 5,000 participants from over 50 countries showcasing their own amazing skills at the international competition, it was this team that captured everyone’s hearts.


And captured everyone’s hearts they did! The original 19-minute video has gained half a million views. While that’s already impressive enough, a shorter version was later uploaded and has over 43 million views!


With their level of skill, it’s easy to see why this clip has gained so much attention!


Check out the amazing videos of the team’s Taekwondo skills below!

Amazing Korean Taekwondo

Jaw dropping Korean Taekwondo team performance <3

Posted by Korean DramAmazing on Monday, August 13, 2018