South Koreans Love To Visit These Tourist Destinations

A survey on Instiz revealed the most popular tourist destinations for South Korean citizens and all top 10 destinations belong in the same continent. 

Of 1,205 cities to choose from in a survey taken by South Koreans, the top 10 choices comprised of approximately 43.8% of the votes. All of the top 10 destinations requires less than 4 hours to get to from South Korea. Here’s who the winners are for the most visited cities by Koreans!

1. Osaka

Taking up 7.4% of the votes, Osaka is well known for its modern architecture, nightlife, and hearty street food. The beautiful scenery and historical sights of Osaka capture the hearts of many South Koreans.

2. Tokyo

Tokyo wins second place with 6.9% of the votes. Being the capital of Japan, the beautiful and booming city is a go-to destination for South Korean tourists.

3. Taipei

With 4.8% of the votes, Taipei places third for the top tourist destinations. The busy shopping streets and contemporary buildings attract many South Koreans.

4. Bangkok

Bangkok places 4th with 4.6% of the votes. Bangkok’s ornate shrines and vibrant street life is no doubt a popular destination for South Koreans to visit.

5. Hong Kong

Tying with Bangkok for 4.6% of the votes, Hong Kong places fifth by a small margin. Hong Kong’s beautiful skyscraper-studded skyline is a major shopping destination for South Koreans.

6. Shanghai

Shanghai wins 6th place with 4.0% of the votes. Its fusion of traditional and modern architecture is definitely a well-liked city for South Korean tourists.

7. Fukuoka

The ancient temples, beaches, and modern shopping malls of Fukuoka attract approximately 3.5% of South Korean tourists, placing seventh on the list.

8. Singapore

With 3.0% of the votes, Singapore places eighth on the list. The beautiful colonial buildings and modern tourist attractions make the city a popular choice for South Koreans. 

9. Guam

Guam takes 9th place ith 2.8% of the votes. The tropical beaches of Guam make the city one of the most popular tourist destinations.

10. Manila

With a mix of Spanish colonial architecture with modern skyscrapers, Manila attracts 2.4% of South Korean tourists.

Source: Instiz