South Koreans Send Video Messages To Donald Trump

United States’ President Trump visited South Korea to discuss the politics and relationship between the two countries.

He was greeted by thousands of citizens, welcoming him and the first lady for the first time in Seoul.

Koreaboo wanted to know exactly how the Koreans felt about President Trump, so we took to the busy streets of Seoul to meet people who had a message for him.

A woman shared her concerns about the harsh business deal-making approaches that the President conveyed.

Some wanted the President to not only think about his country but to also consider other countries’ well being.

Many younger generations pointed out that the President needs to watch what he says on social media, and advises him to stop aggravating the public.

The older generation expressed their wish for a peaceful resolution of the tension happening in the Korean peninsula.

Others expressed their gratitude for the help and support the United States provided throughout the years, which helped South Korea become one of the most powerful small countries in the world today.

Whether what they had to say was positive or constructive, it is certain that many Koreans appreciate the alliance that the two countries have and hope for a better future.

Watch the full clip of what people had to say to the President below!