South Korea’s latest 3D photo craze gaining worldwide attention

South Korea’s latest photo trend has been receiving worldwide attention, with many media outlets all over the world reporting on the phenomenon. 

Rather than settle for professional photos or selfies, many South Koreans have been turning to 3D photos to capture a 360 degree photo of themselves, as well as their children and pets.

In order to produce a perfect 3D model, the subjects are placed at the center of one hundred cameras, which take photos from every angle and combine them to create a perfect image. In just one to two days, photographer are able to make a figurine of the subject in stunning detail. But while many South Koreans are in love with the idea of 3D photos, the technology is still quite pricey, with small figurines costing between $100 and $300 USD.

While most 3D photos are created of family members and friends for sentimental value, top agency SM Entertainment has also started using the technology to create models of their most popular idols as well, albeit to less successful results.