Soyou Addresses The Rumors That She Recently Got Her Nose And Chin Done

Soyou, the former member of SISTAR, commented about her plastic surgery rumors during her media comeback showcase.

“My goal was to have people saying that Soyou got a chin job, as it would basically mean that I lost my weight.

Turns out they are saying I did my nose. “

— Soyou

Soyou humbly added to deny her plastic surgery rumors.

“I didn’t get anything done.

I just lost a lot of weight so please don’t get the wrong idea.”

— Soyou

Soyou recently made a comeback with her first solo album “Re:Born”, where she broadcasted the showcase live.

Jung Gigo and Yoo Seungwoo also guested the showcase to support Soyou’s first step as a soloist.

Soyou was thankful to her label mates who made a surprise appearance, saying she “had fun working with them.”

Watch Soyou’s music video of her title track The Night below!

Source: Osen