Soyou Reveals She Is Really Bored, Now That SISTAR Disbanded

“Since being on my own after our disbandment, I’ve been very bored. Whatever I do, I’m bored.”

Soyou recently appeared on an episode of Life Bar and confessed how her life has changed since SISTAR’s disbandment.


Soyou has been focusing on her individual activities since SISTAR’s disbandment in 2017 but it appears that the star misses her former members very much. She confessed that since the disbandment, she has been feeling very bored.

“Since being on my own after our disbandment, I’ve been very bored. Whatever I do, I’m bored.” ㅡ Soyou


She explained that she feels lonely wherever she goes and everything seems to end up correlating back to SISTAR.

“The four of us used to always do everything together but now that I go to the studio alone, there’s no one I know and everyone is my junior, there’s no one who comes to talk to me, and if I appear with someone else, I feel like there will be talks of a collaboration. And when I dance, it’s always connected to SISTAR.” ㅡ Soyou


At the time of their disbandment, Soyou even went as far as to think that she would no longer be able to be a singer once they disband.

“When SISTAR was disbanding, I thought to myself that I may not be able to continue this work anymore.” ㅡ Soyou


And Soyou is not the only one who is feeling empty without her former members. Fans have also been wishing that the four members would reunite one day and become the brightly shining SISTAR they used to be.

  • “Reunite! You guys shine brighter when you’re together.”
  • “Do everything you wanted to try and please get back together later. That seems like the answer.”
  • “Honestly, idols’ summer songs these days are not even close to SISTAR’s songs and they’re all just so-so. SISTAR was definitely the queens of summer.”
  • “I miss SISTAR T^T.”
  • “Why did they have to disband…SISTAR was the symbol of summer. With their glowing tanned skin and healthy image, they were such a unique girl group.”
  • “I’m not a fan or an anti-fan but SISTAR’s disbandment is so unfortunate.”


Having been together for 7 years, it seems that SISTAR’s disbandment has had a big impact on Soyou’s life but she has bravely been continuing to focus on her individual promotions to show fans the greatest Soyou she can be!

Source: Nate