Soyou reveals her drastic method for losing 8 kg in a month

That’s seriously all she ate.

As they say, beauty is pain.

Soyou’s extremely fit bod is well-known in the Hallyu world.

Like, she’s really hot.

And on a recent episode of SoyouxHani’s Beauty View, Soyou revealed the diet plan she used to lose 8 kg and it’s INSANE.

She revealed to Hani that she stayed on an extreme diet for a month for a bikini photoshoot with Elle.

“I barely ate for one month. The whites of four quail eggs and half a cup of milk was my meal.” 

— Soyou

It’s not safe to follow this drastic method and Koreaboo does not recommend doing so without speaking to your doctor.

Four quail eggs works out to be roughly 64 calories (egg whites are far less calorie dense than the yolk, so the actual caloric value of Soyou’s diet is far lower), plus another 57 for the (skim) milk.

Apparently that’s what you gotta eat to show up like this to a bikini shoot.

But, it looks like Soyou and Hani ate to their heart’s content while discussing the pains of beauty on SoyouxHani’s Beauty View

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Check out the trailer for SoyouxHani’s Beauty View!


Source: Nate News
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