Insider Reveals There’s A Special Chemistry Between Yoona and Park Bo Gum 

They have a special chemistry going on.

The preview for “Hyori’s Homestay 2” created quite a ruckus for the friendship displayed by part-time staff, Yoona and Park Bo Gum.



Their chemistry was briefly featured as they tried to complete tasks within the homestay.



An insider from the show also added hype on this easygoing friendship.


“Both of them are actually similar in age, Yoona is the noona and official employee. Park Bo Gum came as a short-term part-time worker in the guest house. I can see great friendship between the two.”


Yoona joined as the new employee for the second season of the hit program as it accommodated guests of various ages and occupations.



Hope we see more of their adorable friendship!


Source: Star News