During This Special Version Of “Crown”, Taehyun Accidentally Stepped On Soobin

Soobin didn’t see it coming, and you could tell.

Mnet released a NG clip showing all of the funny mistakes that couldn’t be aired in this skit starring TXT and model Han Hyun Min.

At one point, TXT held dance practice for their song “Crown” with the addition of Hyun Min. And, that’s where things took a turn.

TXT and Hyun Min were lying on the floor and Taehyun was supposed to step in-between them.

But, he’d accidentally stepped on Soobin‘s legs.

Soobin reacted immediately. He opened his mouth in surprise, or maybe pain. It happened so fast that it was hard to tell; and, the expression was gone as fast as it had appeared.

As the leader, Soobin recovered from the accident quickly and professionally. After all, it was only a small mistake and hadn’t hurt him.

Check it out here and see the other cute and funny mistakes TXT and Hyun Min made.