These Two Warmhearted Idols Tried To Help A Baby Bird That Couldn’t Fly

Both the idols and the baby bird are melting fans’ hearts.

SPECTRUM‘s Hwarang and Minjae recently ran into a helpless baby bird and couldn’t just stand by.

On May 24, the two idols shared a video of the poor little bird on SPECTRUM’s official Twitter.

Translation: “What should we do with this baby??ㅠㅠ”


In the video, they explained that the little sparrow cannot fly and that it seemed hungry.


After searching online, they discovered that the bird can eat egg yoke so they had gone to the convenient store to buy some eggs for it.


They kindly peeled the boiled egg for the bird and set the yoke in front of it.

Eat the yoke, okay?


The little bird yawned as they waited for it to start eating.


When the bird seemed to be sleeping, the idols told it to enjoy the meal and left. These two idols are just too sweet!

Source: Twitter