This Split Screen of TWICE Got All of the Male Idols’ Attention

It’s literally impossible to look away.

On February 6, MBC’s 2019 Idol Star Athletics Championships was broadcasted, where TWICE and Gugudan competed in the final round of archery.

In the middle of the fierce competition, there’s a footage that caught the attention of all viewers and fellow idols.

It was a split screen of the beauties of the “School Meal Club”.

When TWICE’s Dahyun, Tzuyu, and Chaeyoung gained great popularity with “Cheer Up” and “TT” back in 2016, they were still in high school.

Despite the fact that they’re adults now, they’re still called the “School Meal Club.”

The split screen of all three members in the middle of the competition highlighted their blinding beauty.

In particular, when everyone got a glimpse of Tzuyu’s closeup shot, the stadium roared in admiration.

Even though it was Gugudan who won the competition and took first place in archery, TWICE looked like winners as well.

Check out their fierce match below:


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