Spotify releases “Women of K-Pop” playlist for International Women’s Day

In honor of International Women’s Day, Spotify released a “Women of K-Pop” playlist featuring some of Korea’s best female artists.

Spotify acknowledged the great impact of Korean female artists on the music industry by creating a playlist showcasing some of the biggest and best females in K-Pop.

While the increasing global influence of girl groups is due in part to the success of groups such as 2NE1Girls’ GenerationWonder Girls, and 4Minute, female leaders in K-Pop are as old and prominent as the industry itself.

Even in the 50’s and 60’s groups such as the Kim Sisters were influencing musicians around the globe.

The playlist features an interesting mix of pop artists such as Taeyeon and AOA as well as soloists such as Ben, Heize, and Yoon Mirae.

Newer groups are continuing to impact the music scene and open new doors for artists.

TWICE is leading the pack right now in terms of overseas success, and groups such as  BLACKPINKRed Velvet, and MAMAOO are experiencing incredible global interest.

With the market for K-Pop growing more and more outside its domestic sphere, a wider range of groups are able to gain incredible opportunities K-Pop has become an unstoppable world force and has even made it onto many top charts including Billboard, YouTube, iTunes and more.