Spring Means Pink Fashion, Here Are 18 of The Best Looks For This Season

It’s time to roll out the pink carpet!

Pink is red’s more bubbly dongsaeng. She’s just as sexy, a little more bratty, can be super feminine or turn up the heat, and you either love her or hate her. And this spring, pink is taking over. So what are the best pink looks for the season?


One of the trendy ways for girls to wear the color is by wearing a pretty pink dress.


The dress can be a light pastel pink.


Or a bold hot pink.


It just needs to give off springtime vibes.


And it should accentuate the wearer’s femininity.


The second best way to wear pink this season? A suit!


The suit doesn’t have to be solid pink but should feature the color.


But that doesn’t mean you can’t pull off a completely pink look!


And if pantsuits aren’t your style, then try a version with a skirt.


But pink isn’t just for the ladies. For men to rock the pink look this spring they could wear pink shirts.


Maybe try shirts with a fun pattern.


And if it’s still too cold in your area, try a sweater in a light shade.


Men will also look sharp in pink jackets.


Light pink seems to be the most popular color for jackets this year.


And if you’re not totally convinced pink is your color, then try picking a jacket with pink accents.


Or break up the look with stripes.


You could always talk your friends into testing out the look with you!


But if you’re feeling extra bold, you could dress in pink from head to toe!


Now you know the best way to wear pink this spring, so go out and spread some of that springtime feeling!