“Squid Game” Actor Anupam Tripathi Proves To Be The Man Of Our Dreams As He Cooks In “I Live Alone”

He’s completely stolen our hearts!

Netflix‘s Squid Game quickly became a favorite show worldwide largely in part due to its relatable characters and the cast that portrays them. Characters such as Ali, played by Indian actor Anupam Tripathi especially was a fan-favorite among viewers.

Anupam Tripathi as Ali in “Squid Game.”| Netflix

So naturally, with stardom comes more and more TV appearances! Anupam Tripathi recently guested on episode 148 of MBC‘s reality show I Live Alone (also known as Home Alone). The show is designed to show how single celebrities live their everyday lives. Current hosts include SHINee‘s Key, manhwaga Kian84, comedian Park Na Rae, actor Sung Hoon, and television personality Jun Hyun Moo.

For those who are low-key in love with the actor (let’s be real, he’s a heartthrob), it showcased lots of his charming personality we have come to know through his social media presence as well. Not to mention, his domestic side was also on full show as he prepared a meal for himself.

Anupam clearly knows his way around the kitchen as he frequently prepares Indian food at home. He also is very tidy, cleaning up as he goes.

During his cooking, he’s conscientious, cleaning all of the ingredients, such as rice, meat, and vegetables. So, there are absolutely no worries or concerns in regards to health.

He surprised the show’s hosts as he didn’t prepare a super well-known dish and prepared his chicken with yogurt, which will make it more tender. He had a chicken curry, Indian-style rice, and paratha, a meal commonly eaten at home.

Anupam included lots of good spices for his curry. He used Tumeric that also has health benefits as well as masala, ensuring lots of delicious flavors!

The hosts were mesmerized by his cooking. His chopping skills are no joke!

While preparing his meal, Anupam also turned on some music. He played Bob Dylan‘s “Mr. Tamborine Man.”

He couldn’t resist singing along, showcasing his musical talents too. He actually has a great voice!

Singing and cooking, Anupam is truly a multitalented individual. The romantic scene created just in his everyday life proves he is truly the main character.

Besides, who doesn’t love a man who can cook anyway?

Fans couldn’t get over Anupam’s charms during the episode. Additionally, many were proud to see him represent Indian culture on a global platform!


During the episode, Anupam also revealed how much of a fan he is of BLACKPINK. Check out more moments from the episode here:


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