“Squid Game” Actress Jung Ho Yeon Earned A Cute Nickname Among Her Cast Members

She’s so charming!

Jung Ho Yeon wowed everyone with her acting debut and performance in Squid Game and it turns out she has endless charm outside of the K-Drama as well.

In her recent interview with Netflix Korea, Jung Ho Yeon was asked several questions regarding herself as well as the drama. One question asked how she received the nickname “Jung Party planner” among the Squid Game cast members.

According to Jung Ho Yeon, she earned the cute nickname because of her love of alcohol. Once the opportunity comes to grab a nice drink comes, Jung Ho Yeon shared that she’ll ask her fellow cast members if they can go out that day.

I like drinking alcohol. While filming ‘Squid Game” whenever it’s dinner time to the seniors I’ll be like, ‘What about today?’

— Jung Ho Yeon

The one who gave her her nickname was none other than Park Hae Soo (who plays Cho Sang Woo).

I was called ‘Jung Party Planner.’ Heo Soo sunbae-nim gave me the nickname.

— Jung Ho Yeon

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