“Squid Game” Lee Jung Jae Is A Total BLACKPINK Fan And We’re Loving It

We’ve got another BLINK over here!

The cast of the Netflix original series Squid Game came together to play a game of bingo to find out what their taste is on Netflix. While playing the game, Lee Jung Jae shocked the cast with his choice of BLACKPINK’s documentary, BLACKPINK: Light Up The Sky.

When asked which one they had to pick out of all their faves, Lee didn’t hesitate to choose BLACKPINK’s documentary!

I can’t really call myself a fan of BLACKPINK, but Ho Yeon and Jennie are great friends. Jennie actually visited us with a coffee truck. I was like, ‘Wow! That’s Jennie from BLACKPINK!’ It was cool.

⁠— Lee Jung Jae

When I watched the trailer, I thought, ‘Wow, so that’s how BLACKPINK became the world famous girl group. All because of their hard work. Then I became their fan. 

⁠— Lee Jung Jae

Park Have Soo added, “He recommended it to me so I watched it too.” What’s even more interesting is that Jennie’s mother wanted to name her Jae Hee after Lee Jung Jae’s name in the drama, Sandglass! But because she gave birth to a daughter and not a son, she went with Jennie, which sounded similar to Jae Hee.

Although Lee is shy to admit he’s a fan, we can tell that he is truly a BLINK! Watch the full episode below!

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