SSAK3 Hilariously Reveal What Makes Them Different From Other K-Pop Groups

What other K-Pop group is like this?

SSAK3 recently made their debut on MBC‘s Music Core, and are enjoying great success.

During an episode of Hangout with Yoo, the group members were doing an interview and showed how they’re different from other K-Pop groups. During the interview, Lee Hyori was asked whether her husband, Lee Sang Soon, got worried once she agreed to do this project.

Lee Hyori shared that her husband still worries that she’s going to cause some trouble without him. She then is asked to give a message to her husband, but soon stops herself.

Yoo Jae Suk then comments that normally idol groups don’t talk about their relationship status as soon as they debut.

The members then “decide” that they should keep their relationship status a secret, as all three members are married. They even “request” for the reporter to keep everything a secret and to tell the viewers that they’re single.

Rain even shares that he’ll give the reporter a “scoop” on how he’s married and has two daughters.

Lee Hyori then decides to give another video message, but this time to her “future husband”.

Here’s the full video below!