Staff Member Witnesses J-Hope’s True Personality For The First Time

It makes sense why he’s so successful.

A staff working with J-Hope on the set of his music video, “Daydream”, gave first-hand insight into how J-Hope really is in person.

Despite having global fame and being at the height of his career, his personality was humble, kind and generous!

Even with BTS at the height of their fame, he really had a great personality.

— Staff Member

He and the crew had to work tiring hours as they continued shooting under a tight schedule, but he never once stopped being a source of energy to the staff members.

He must’ve been tired, but I was impressed with his overflowing energy until the very end, greeting each and every person.

— Staff Member

He actually became an inspiration to those around him just by being who he is!

He made me think that successful people are successful for a reason and gave me the inspiration to work harder.

— Staff Member

J-Hope’s always been known to be outgoing, optimistic and just a happy person in general.

He also has a good sense of humor and is really funny!

Not to mention, his dancing is on point at all times!

Of course, he’s also super sexy, especially on stage.

Fans have also said that he could be very emotional at times too, not being afraid to show his emotions even on camera. Just an honest person through and through.

On top of all his other good characteristics, we can add good work ethic, politeness, and always-doing-his-best-despite-his-condition-and-fame to the list!


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